Welcome to the Adopolus Wiki

Adopolus is a piggy. As you may not alreaady know, he is pink. Pink is the color of pink lemonade.


Adopolus is a piggy wiggles that loves grapes and the color rectangle. His favorite number is 'J' because that was the day he was born. He has a strong attraction to pigs and is fascinated by wood flooring. He is a skilled shoe-tier and is probobly the best animater of all time. He currently has a pet earth worm named barbed wire. He runs a successful light buld factory and is the proud owner of WindowsRus. He drives a Sea Turtle as his transportation which is very handy because he does not need to buy gas and itis very eco-friendly. His dream is to one day own a massage chair and a snow globe from Canada. His real name is Kyle and he is 15 years old. He is from and still lives in Ramanuj Ganj, Chhattisgarh, India.         Those are noodles ---------->